Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment Service Gold Coast

If your car is quite old and you haven’t adjusted its wheels, now is the time to do so since it will help reduce the wear and tear of the tyres and suspension. Also, since you are already at Mark Jackson Automotive, one of the best mechanics around, you don’t have to search for another one providing wheel alignment service in Southport, Gold Coast. Our expert mechanics will balance all the wheels of your car so that you can manoeuvre it safely and get good fuel economy.

You must not ignore the wheel alignment as it directly affects the wear and tear of the tyres. Moreover, an unbalanced wheel can also damage the suspension systems of your vehicle. At the same time, to get the adjustment done, you should connect with us since we have 48 years of experience in the auto servicing industry.

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Signs That Your Vehicle Needs Wheel Alignment

You should bring your vehicle to us and realign the wheels in Southport, Gold Coast when you notice


Vibration or shuddering when steering or slowing your car down


Your car pulling to one side frequently even if you are not driving in that direction


Rapid wearing down of any one of your tyres


Shrieking during driving

Though these are some of the apparent signs, often you might not notice anything. Nevertheless, if you have not done wheel alignment of your car in years, get it done today to extend the longevity of the tyres, suspension and your entire car.

Why Choose Our Wheel Alignment Service?

Choose our wheel alignment services since


Our mechanic will thoroughly inspect and realign the wheels depending on your car model


Our professionals will realign the wheels step by step


Our mechanic will test the wheels before delivering your car


We always complete the wheel alignment and other car servicing on time


Our wheel alignment services will not break your bank

If you want to know more about this service or any of the other auto services that we provide, call us now.

Affordable Wheel Alignment by Experts

At Mark Jackson Automotive, we offer realignment of car wheels at reasonable pricing. So, to learn about the wheel alignment cost in Southport, Gold Coast or book a service, call us now.