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Log Book Service Gold Coast

With more than 48 years of experience, Mark Jackson Automotive is one of the most acclaimed auto repair service providers in Southport, Gold Coast, offering logbook services for vehicles of every make, model and age. Our logbook servicing ensures that the vehicles are functioning safely as well as economically, while maintaining the statutory warranty rolled out by their manufacturers.


What our logbook services in Gold Coast include?

The logbook service in Gold Coast that we offer includes:


Servicing as per the requirements (including serving and checking the oil as well as oil & air filters, levels of different fluids & coolant, oil leakage, condition of battery, and the cooling system, drive belts, suspension & bushes, exhaust of the vehicles, brake lines, hoses, & disc pads, air pressure and rotation of the tyres, road test, and the likes)


Stamping of logbook


Maintaining the statutory warranty as per the directives of the vehicles’ manufacturers


Generating a full and comprehensive written report

Why do you need to select Mark Jackson Automotive for logbook servicing of your vehicle in Gold Coast?

When it comes to offering logbook servicing in Southport, Gold Coast we stick to quality and that makes all the difference.


We only engage the best technicians to offer high quality manufacturer’s logbook servicing


Free roadside assistance is available with every car service as a part of our service package


We offer services at fixed & affordable price with no hidden cost


Our services include use of genuine spare parts


Our technicians are highly qualified and have years of experience to come up with the best services.

Why is logbook servicing important for you?

Our Logbook servicing in Southport, Gold Coast will ensure that your vehicle is in perfect running condition and its functionality complies with the statutory warranty of its manufacturers. 

It will help you to prove that you have completed the servicing within the warranty period so that the dealer has to way to deny paying for the repairs. 

It will help maintain your vehicle and extend its life, thereby cutting the future costs.

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