Brake & Clutch Repairs

The Most Trustworthy Brake & Clutch Repairs in Southport, Gold Coast

Having started our endeavour in 1973, Mark Jackson Automotive is now one of the most trustworthy names offering a wide range of auto repairs services, including brake and clutch repairs in Gold Coast for the last 48 years. With some of the best technicians at our disposal and with over four decades of glorious presence in the auto servicing industry, we leave no stone unturned to offer car brake and clutch repairs in Southport. Our techies will use all their knowledge and experience to ensure the safety and security of the person at the wheel and that of other passengers of vehicles of every make and model.

What makes our car brake and clutch repair and replacement service in Southport, Gold Coast unique?

Quality and customer satisfaction has always been our prerogative ever since we started our journey. More so, when it comes to services like brake pad replacement and clutch repairs in Southport, we put nothing ahead of quality, as we know how important the quality of our service is, to the safety and security of our clients at wheels.


Thus, when it comes to offering car brake and clutch repairs in Gold Coast, our highly trained, qualified and seasoned techies will put the best foot forward. They will use all their experience and knowledge to come up with the best solutions and that also at competitive rates. In fact, our focus on affordability without compromising on quality has always been the hallmark of our service.

What braking issues does our repair service in Southport, Gold Coast repair?

We are a one stop solution, when it comes to offering car brake repairs and brake pad replacement Services in Gold Coast. The issues that we take care of include: 

Erratic behaviour of the brake light

The Brake making Squealing, grinding, squeaking noise

Shuddering, wobbling, vibrating and scraping brake

Leaking Brake fluid

Spongy or soft brake pad

Vehicle pulling to one particular side when brake is being pressed

The brake emitting a burning smell while the vehicle is in motion

When hard braking, the vehicle bounces up and down….and a lot more

Thus you see, we offer an all-inclusive service, which include car brake repairs and brake pad replacement Service in Gold Coast. 

What clutch repair issues does our repair service in Southport, Gold Coast repair?

When it comes to offering clutch repair service Gold Coast, we address issues that include: 


Worn out Clutch disc lining

Clutch disc lining burnt or tainted with oil

Glazed Clutch disc

Clutch disc hub rattled by worn out splines

Warped flywheel or pressure plate

Pressure plate diaphragm spring weakened or suffered broken fingers

Pressure plate having hot spots

Worn out or damaged Flywheel and Pilot bearing

Pulsating clutch pedal or clutch pedal getting stuck to the floor

Spongy or loose, hard clutch pedals

Clutch pedal making a grinding, chirping or whirring noise when the gear is on neutral….and many more

Therefore you see, be it clutch malfunction or brake showing issues, we are always a one stop solution to your woes.

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